Laura Malinin, RDC Director

Assistant Professor, Department of Design and Merchandising

Laura Malinin, assistant professor of interior architecture and design in the Department of Design and Merchandising, serves as the director of the Nancy Richardson Design Center at CSU. She also serves as a core faculty member of center.

Dr. Malinin is a registered architect (Texas) and cognitive scientist at CSU where she has received awards for teaching and research excellence. She holds an undergraduate degree in architecture and art and art history from Rice University, an M.Ed. in educational technology from the University of Texas, and a joint Ph.D. from the University of Colorado in design and planning through the College of Architecture and Planning and cognitive science through the Institute of Cognitive Science.


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Sarah Badding, RDC Operations and Academics Administrator

Sarah Badding earned her doctorate from CSU in 2017. In her studies, she focused on measuring creative synthesis processes, where thinking transforms to doing. Her views of design and the creative process help students, faculty, and staff inside or outside the University to focus on design thinking processes and their relationship to human resource development.

Through the combination of existing models, instruments, and studies conducted by design thinking leaders, Sarah has created and validated the Creative Synthesis Inventory (CSI). The CSI enables organizations and consultants to locate strengths and weaknesses for specific factors and attributes related to the constructs within the creative synthesis process, and in doing so fills a void in the design thinking and creativity literature. By utilizing the CSI, individuals within an organization can increase their creativity, discovery, and prototyping skills and awareness.


Sarah Badding

Paul Callahan, RDC Fabrication Labs Coordinator

In 2013, Paul Callahan earned an M.F.A. in ceramics at Louisiana State University in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. He stayed at LSU for the next five years as an instructor, teaching in art, architecture, and interior design. Additionally, he was part of the leadership team for the Design Shop, Fabrication Factory, and Ceramics Factory, several of the art and design facilities at LSU. His personal research focuses on object making and hybrid use of analog and digital tools. As an instructor, his coursework has spanned, ceramics, metal, wood, and digital fabrication tools, including software and hardware.

As the Fabrication Labs Coordinator, Paul will provide training and supervision of students, and functional support for faculty, as well as oversight of daily operations in the Wood, Metal, Prototyping and Ideation Labs. Additionally, he will facilitate inter-departmental collaboration as the facilities expand to include a wide range of resources and tools available to faculty and students across CSU and to the community.


Paul Callahan

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